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Weaponry - i

So i have been playing around with my 2D sprite-sheet to 3D model converter and was wondering what everyone thought of the weapons so far,

Models and names can be changed before the final game is released

2D to 3D models

So the past few days I haven’t done much as in coding wise but I have some nice stuff to show for it tho.

I adapted my model class to accommodate for terrain as well so now I can generate walls which are very cool and I am happy I got this working.

I also worked on a quick item drop class a few mins ago and its very badly coded atm but what it does as you can see is it gets a 2D sprite and converts it into a 3D representation and this has to be the best thing I have coded so far.

Also guys im still open to some suggestions on what I can add later :).

Saving & Loading

Thanks to a nice person I meet,Vermeer (link here). He gave me a piece of code that allows me to save a chunks block values as bytes (small memory) into a chunk file and of course I added some nice touches as in the x and z coordinates of the chunk into the naming of the file. But here it is a nice structure of the save file for a map.


So as you can see the name of the file is as followed, Chunk.X.Z.dat and the overall 4096 block values per chunk is stored with no more that 7KB which is a great achievement to have in this game.

Nice modeling you have there

So after playing around with my modeling code I ordinarily setup to make mobs and players more detailed and just to overall create stuff I have finally settled on a nice and easy method that works for me.

One function controls everything from the x,y,z position to the size of the shapes and also the colours and alpha channel.

Voxel Zombie - Lets begin

So after a few days of pondering around ideas for a game so I can learn LWJGL I though of doing as many have in the past a minecraft style voxel engine and then I thought what would make this different from other voxel games out there. That is where I came up with the idea of incorporating a zombie survival / map like CoD zombies with a voxel engine since I don’t want to dive into the deep end of LWJGL.

So as I said it is a voxel zombie survival game where the player has to survive rounds of the undead for survival or have an objective to reach that will cause the game to end. I also want it so anyone can be able to make maps and so I want to make a way for the player to be able to customize the maps to the way they want it to be played.


Some simple terrain generation just to handle chunks and also develop on the voxel engine aspect of the game.

A small look at my player model since I just implemented it and though I would create something that can be compared to with the size of the worlds blocks.